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About Me page for Annette Raffan

Hi! My name is Annette Raffan. I’m a postgraduate researcher in plant and soil science by day and a mum/blogger/small business owner by night! This site is a creative space for me for me to practise writing, gather thoughts and pass on some useful insights as I discover them. When I’m not doing the above things, you’ll probably find me cooking, out in the garden or reading. I also enjoy photography and organising things!!

My Vision

To empower anyone to have the confidence to undertake rigorous, unbiased and evidence-based research so that they may make their own informed decisions about anything that comes their way

My Mission

  • To write trustworthy, balanced and informative content based on peer-reviewed evidence and personal experience.
  • To highlight and support others working within scientific research.
  • To cultivate an appreciation and respect for the natural world

My Values

  1. Open
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Supportive
  4. Creative
  5. Introspective
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It’s me, Annette Raffan! My go-to cheesy profile photograph…

Here’s my profile page at The University of Aberdeen where I study. You can follow me and my research journey on Twitter as @annetteraffan:

The sections of my blog try to encapsulate what I’m interested in. Although it’s tricky to narrow everything down into categories, because I’m naturally curious… The Posted Stamp is my small business. I have an Etsy shop which I open and close as I have time for. Unfortunately I can’t do everything at once; at the moment I’m focussing on my blog and PhD!

Publication History of Annette Raffan (nee Moran)


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